Leveraging the Power of Podcasts: The World Needs Your Voice NOW More Than Ever!


Inside the 9-Module Profiting From Podcasts™ Digital Course...

It’s a DEEP DIVE into helping you secure massive visibility, elevate your status, and consistently and effortlessly generate red-hot leads and serious revenue!



$5,000 VALUE

 Podcast Pitch Email Templates... (to position you perfectly to potential hosts)

 Podcast Booking Software... (to identify just the right shows for you)

 Professional Media-One Sheet Template... (to summarize your brilliance and expertise)

 Lifetime Listing On Perfect Podcast Guest... (to give you added exposure to thousands of podcast hosts looking for guests)

 Group VIP Day Giving You Exclusive Access To Team Olsher... (to help you pull it all together) 

Does any of this sound familiar?

 You feel like a hamster in a wheel... running endlessly to grow your business, yet going nowhere fast

 You feel like your message is drowning in today’s over-crowded sea of online obscurity

 Far too often, you end up dealing with unappreciative, tire-kickers who second guess you and your prices

 Your patience is wearing thin and NOTHING seems to consistently bring in high-quality leads and generate enough revenue to move the needle

 You feel like the world’s best-kept secret and know you could help a LOT more people… if they simply knew you existed.

What if I told you there was a step-by-step proven process to leverage the power of podcasting to boost your visibility... get your message to the audience that needs it... and create an avalanche of sales as a byproduct…
without tech overwhelm, wasting money or building intricate funnels…

That's precisely what Profiting From Podcasts can do for YOU!


By the end of Phase One, you’ll know precisely how to articulate who you are and what you do.

You’ll have the exact language to describe the problems you solve… how you help those who need you most… and why audiences should listen to you.

You’ll be able to use this exact language to boost your sales on your website and on your social media profiles. Plus, you’ll have clarity around your unique talents and abilities like never before.

  • The 8 reasons why appearing on podcasts is your golden ticket to positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your respective niche
  • How to attain crystal clear clarity on how you help people so you finally have a confident answer to the “What do you do?” question (Warning! Stating only your occupation is the easiest way for people to quickly tune you out)
  • ​How to leapfrog over your competitors and advance from just another option to rock-solid positioning and becoming the go-to-expert in your niche
  • ​How to use the secret of the “eyebrow test” to figure out if your ideas will be profitable
  • ​How to mold your “Topic of Influence” to create irresistible attraction and bend hosts and audiences to your will (get this wrong and podcast hosts will slam the door on you for good)
  • ​Gary Vee’s and Tim Ferris’ secret to stamp their brand into your brain (I show you how to apply the exact same tactic in your business)
  • ​The 3 word phrase you should always start your pitch with IF you want any chance for people to pay
  • ​How to craft powerful, alluring hooks which seize control of your audience’s attention (Inside, I dissect one of my street-tested hooks I use to turn cold prospects into hardcore fans)
  • ​The exact place you can look to find a library of compelling “ready-to-use” hooks
  • ​How to ‘spin’ your already existing knowledge to create mind blowing ‘AHA’ moments for your audience
  • ​Revealed: A step-by-step blueprint on how to create immense value that leaves audiences spellbound’
  • ​The unconscious mistakes too many make when presenting their message
  • ​How to use the “Teach a man to fish” philosophy to make listeners and passive prospects never forget you
  • ​The exact steps to graduate from being an easily-replaceable podcast guest to a trusted, high-dollar expert whose schedule is stacked with appearances
  • ​The one-two punch secret that virtually opens almost every top name podcaster’s door you knock on
  • ​The exact recipe you need to follow to craft an unbeatable “Media One Sheet” — miss one of these ingredients and your sheet ends up in the trash
  • ​And many more…


During this phase, you’ll learn how to be an engaging guest that their audience WANTS to connect with and learn more from. You’ll develop and complete your show pitch so that you get consistently booked on the shows YOU want.

  • Secrets of the Pitch: My step-by-step framework for identifying, improving and nailing a pitch that gets you booked nearly every time
  • How to persuade people into giving you what you want without being manipulative (When you do this, people actually THANK you for it)
  • ​The exact word-for-word pitch script you can plug-n-play immediately
  • ​How to use everyday news to hijack your prospects’ interest ‘til your last word
  • ​How to escape “limbo-land” and get a definitive answer from top podcasters without being pushy or bossy (most business owners are bashful about this and sink in obscurity as a direct result)
  • How to identify the right shows to appear on (appear on the wrong show once and you’ll damage your industry reputation and set yourself years backwards)
  • 17 Proven ways to develop real relationships with influencers
  • ​Discover the “Primary Currency” principle and the power it has when approaching podcasters
  • ​Shortcut your way to an all-star podcast appearance by using an underutilized function of a software app creeping in your computer right now
  • ​Reaching out to top podcasters is as simple as finding their contact info, right? WRONG…find out which steps you need to take before reaching out… to ensure you turn from an annoying pest to a welcome guest
  • ​A sneaky way of using events of celebrity experts like Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss to skyrocket your authority status (Hint: it’s NOT just attending an event)
  • ​How to be an engaging guest: The art of effortlessly developing rapport with the audience and naturally coming across as someone they want to connect with
  • ​The ancient story archetype which draws listeners in like bees to honey… and makes you automatically relatable, trustworthy and authentic
  • ​Legendary marketer’s Dan Kennedy motto on how you can make every prospect buy regardless of what you sell… IF you do this one simple thing
  • ​Unlocking the mysteries of intrigue: Learn the ways of fascinating your guests into your ecosystem and being part of your tribe
  • ​5 core engagement strategies to bond with new podcast listeners right away while building unbreakable trust
  • ​And many more…


During this phase, we’ll focus on the money.

We’ll get you ready to monetize your visibility and have a place to send listeners that looks awesome… adds immediate value to their life or business… and seamlessly flows towards the sale of your products, programs and services.

Our team will make sure that you have exactly what you need to:

1.) Capture high-quality buyer leads

2.) Communicate and indoctrinate prospects into your ecosystem, and

3.) Develop offerings that perfectly fit the needs of your target market

  • Show me the Money! My 5 favorite Monetization strategies which will show you how to ethically make more sales without filling up more of your calendar (using just one of these strategies will “flip the switch” of your bank account)
  • ​Proven tactics you can implement to bounce listeners into your world and subtly shift them from ‘passive’ listeners into ‘active’ prospects
  • The 4 core Enrollment strategies to activate listeners into action and magnetize the highest quality of leads (the kind of leads who don’t need hard selling or convincing — glued to you simply by putting these strategies in place)
  • A “stealthy” way to have website visitors return again and again… just make this little twist on your website
  • ​Why sending people to your social media can HURT your sales… and what to do instead
  • Quite possibly the simplest & most effective enrollment technique my friend used to generate $100,000 from a single podcast appearance
  • ​The anatomy of the perfect lead magnet: Best practices to make people swarm to get it. Including the exact lead magnet tactics I use to scale my business
  • How to plug your business’s products or services in every podcast you appear on… without sounding salesy or turning people off. (In fact, if you do it the way I show you, people might thank you for plugging your products.)
  • ​A quickie “tech idiot’s” guide to every tool you’ll ever need to build a hyper-profitable funnel for your business 
  • ​The step-by-step guide to your own Indoctrination sequence: The ultimate set-it-and-forget-it asset that prints money on clockwork
  • ​My 7 “Getting Paid” rules you need to follow to create uncontrollable desire for your products and services
  • How to guarantee you make at least $1000… every time you appear on a podcast
  • ​My favorite tactic from my nightclub days I use to connect with my tribe I use profitably to this day
  • Go behind the scenes into my business structure and discover how I’m able to build a 1-man 7-figure+ monopoly working just 3 days a week
  • ​And many more…





Take a look at the statistics that support what I'm telling you...
According to the same Edison Research survey, only 41% of respondents reported their income level. The majority of them have an income level of $100k-$150k.

I believe in being very honest about who’s right for this program… and who’s not. Business owners who are ready to elevate their visibility and their revenue… are absolutely right for this program.

Business owners who have zero ambitions for growing a successful business and don’t want their message to reach the masses… are not.

Business owners who have a powerful message to share and are tired of playing small, hiding in plain sight as a best-kept secret… are absolutely right for this program.

Need another reason to say YES to Profiting From Podcasts™? Check this out:

Not too long ago, a $90,000/year –working just one day a week — opportunity came into my hands.

And, I graciously rejected the very generous offer.


As I previously mentioned, I own three 7-figure+ businesses… working just 3 days of the week.

The rest of the days are for me, my lovely wife and my two boys.

By accepting the deal, I would have had to sacrifice one of my free days each week.

It was an easy decision to say no.

Because I love working 3 days a week. Because I love spending a significant amount of time with my kids and family. And because I love sharing my WHAT and helping those I’m most compelled to serve massively improve the trajectory of their lives… and their businesses.

And what has enabled me to create this ‘I wouldn’t change it for the world life and lifestyle’ are the strategies, techniques and tactics I teach in this program.

This is my hope for you too..

That you can create your ideal life and lifestyle while growing your business.

So you’re able to say NO to opportunities like these too.

If this sounds appealing, then Profiting From Podcasts is the right program for you to join.

I mean, why not give yourself every advantage available when it comes to growing your business?

Frequently Asked Questions ...

I’m just starting out and am pretty much “unknown”. Why would the podcasters want to interview ME?
Most people mistakenly think that a podcast host prefers to interview already famous people. It’s been my experience that many hosts, especially the more established ones, prefer interviewing undiscovered talent or rising stars because the famous folks are often overexposed.
In the world of podcasts, NOT being famous actually works in your favor, because most hosts take GREAT pride in being among the first to share new stories, tools, tactics, resources and strategies with their audience.
Can’t I just hire a booking agency or call up shows and book myself?
The short answer is YES. Of course you can. I am good friends with a number of ‘bookers’ and am happy to recommend several that you can work with. However, even the LEAST expensive agency will cost you THOUSANDS of dollars per month… far more than the Profiting From Podcasts training… and hiring a service won’t include ANY of the bonuses I am offering.

More importantly, the booking agencies won’t take the time to show you how, or even have the expertise, to guide you to monetize the visibility you’ll receive when you appear on shows.

And, yes, you can certainly try to book yourself on podcasts. However, seldom do cold pitches get people booked and why try to do this on your own and save a few dollars when I will literally show you how to walk to the front of the line for unparalleled access to top podcasters.

Keep in mind that booking just one podcast appearance will likely pay for your investment many times over and the value of everything else you’ll receive when you enroll in Profiting From Podcasts should make this an easy YES for you.
How do I know if my message or pitch is compelling?
This is one of the topics I cover early on in the training. I’ll show you how to have a compelling pitch that gets you booked! Plus, you can get further help through the Facebook community.
I’m not very technical. Can I do this?
Yes! The great thing about being a podcast guest is that the host does all of the hard work FOR YOU including all the technical stuff you simply don’t need to bother yourself with. You just have to show up and share your message (that’s why you can reach thousands of people in only a couple of hours per week). They take care of EVERYTHING else.
I am an introvert, can I do this?
If you're shy about being on video, audio based podcasts can be a great way to feel more comfortable while connecting with clients and generating visibility, leads and revenue. It's also fast and easy to jump in and start having what I call "real, raw and authentic" conversations with people about your message.
How will I know which shows make the most sense for me to appear on?
My core training covers this process step-by-step. Plus, I show you how to position and pitch yourself so that you get booked on the shows YOU WANT to appear on.
Can I make money as a podcast guest?
In a word, YES. But… you don’t get paid to be a podcast guest.

Making money as a guest requires you to understand how to BOUNCE listeners into your ecosystem so that you can open a dialogue with them and shift them from being passive listeners into being active prospects.

I am a master at converting appearances into money. I’ll show you exactly what to do and guide you to create your very own $1,000 FUNNEL that converts EVERY TIME you appear on a show.
How does appearing on shows help me grow my business?
First and foremost, appearing as a guest elevates your credibility, authority and visibility. These are three crucial steps on the path towards building the ever-important know, like and trust factor with prospects. I show you precisely how to expedite this process. And, once people know, like and trust you, selling books, enrolling coaching clients, filling live events and more is a breeze.
How much time does it take to prepare for each show and conduct an interview?
Unlike radio and television appearances that average approximately four minutes, the average podcast interview is 62 minutes! This provides ample time to share your mission and message and develop rapport with listeners. Before your interview, I do recommend listening to a handful of episodes to get a sense of what the show is about and how to best position your expertise as it relates to the show flow. You can easily get a sense of what a show is all about in just a few minutes.

So… the long answer to your question is ~ 15 minutes of prep and allocate an hour for the interview.
Do you have a guarantee?
The guarantee is in the Terms and Conditions on the 'Cart' Page.
You've made it this far down the page. Thank you for that.

Now, honor your gut and let’s get started.

I look forward to working with you.

For questions, please engage in the Live Chat here or reach out to kelly@steveolsher.com

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